MicroStat - Activity and Resource Management System

MicroStat: Micro -- fine grained and detailed information; Stat -- status...the measure of a process or activity; essential for effective management. The MicroStat toolset provides functionality that can be found no where else.

Resource Management
Resources - your workers and contract workers are normally one of the largest operational expenses but very often the least managed aspect of a business. With MicroStat they can be defined in terms availability, qualifications, discipline/craft, limitations and organizational position. Work schedules, shift rotation, work start and end times and supervisor can be defined for any period of time in the future. This allows resource availability to be accurately projected for future work periods. Holidays, vacations, training, meetings.....anything that consumes your resources can be defined as far into the future as you desire.

Activity Management
Activity Management is accomplished in six phases: Identification, Planning, Support Coordination, Scheduling, Implementation and Assessment. MicroStat supports each of these phases with a comprehensive and intuitive tool set that allows the user to complete the tasks in each phase with speed and accuracy. The tasks in each phase can be performed by either the user or (in most cases) automatically by MicroStat agents. What are MicroStat Agents? They are autonomous Bots comprised of advanced probabilistic and deterministic algorithms designed to ensure efficient use of resources while optimizing equipment availability. There are specialized agents for problem identification, coordinating support providers, scheduling and tracking work in progress.

Diagnositc Agents
Cipher Ltd. is a leader in development of speech enabled diagnostic agents. These agents are designed to gather information from both the user and the system in order to diagnose a problem and provide an action plan or work plan to resolve the problem. We have designed agents that can diagnose "tennis elbow" by interviewing a patient and we have agents that can provide a repair plan for valve leakage in a Nuclear Power Plant by asking a worker questions and reviewing asset information and history. The agents, once trained, are autonomous and goal driven. They have access to system information and can communicate with users using any combination of speech, pointing devices or typed input. Agents are normally prompted into action by system triggers but can initiate action based on environmental changes. Once active, agents may contact users for additional information or to request the performance of tasks related to problem resolution.

Data Visualization
Having the ability to "see" your process is an important part of understanding that process; especially in systems where the number of activities my be in the tens of thousands. MicroStat has advanced data presentation algorithms that relate activities to asset categories, physical location, assigned resources, relative schedule position, etc. Activity details are never more than a few mouse clicks or spoken words (speech enabled systems) away.

If you can't measure it, you don't understand it. There is no aspect of your business process that we can't measure. Measurements are presented in formats that clearly communicate process effectiveness and future trends.